ADA Violation: How It Affects the Disabled and What a New Law Could Mean

ADA cases are filed in abundance every year, and their number continues to surge by the day. This is very disheartening, since the very law was created to provide cover to those with disabilities from facing discrimination in any form. You can approach any Fort Lauderdale ADA attorney, and he will always have a range of cases he is presenting in court, on behalf of his disabled clients. But how are these cases piling up so quickly around the state?

Top reason for ADA violation

All the companies that violate the ADA guidelines are aware of the many loopholes and workarounds of this law. It is well-known that no matter how strong an ADA case is, it will never have a 100% claim for violation. This is one aspect which is misused by most, besides a few more. Many companies also have their teams of legal experts who help them review the shortcomings, and how they can pass the blame on some other entity if required.


With the ones who are differently abled, filing a claim and going through the process is really not an easy task. A Fort Lauderdale ADA attorney can help them understand the situation, and how they can prepare a strong case on their own. He can help them gather the resources and the critical essentials, which prove that ADA violation has happened, and it must be reversed at the earliest. This will help secure their civil rights and get back at those, who don’t honor those rights.

Of late, there have been talks about repealing some aspects of ADA by the Trump administration, which will majorly affect the rights that disabled people currently enjoy. For instance, businesses across the U.S., including movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, museums, etc. have to ease access for the disabled to their premises. Even employers are not permitted to discriminate on the basis of one’s disability if it does not affect the work quality and performance. Employers also need to provide them reasonable accommodations based on their disability.

This repeal by the Trump administration will give all the violators, among businesses and employers, a time of up to 180 days to answers why they violated the norms, making the disabled people have their civil rights delayed by that much time. Your Fort Lauderdale ADA attorney can apprise you on this in detail, and how you can brace yourself to repeal this law enforcement.

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