Divorced in Gig Harbor Washington

My husband and I recently got divorced here in Gig Harbor, Washington and my entire world were quickly changed. The life my children and myself were used to was flipped upside down and we were suddenly faced with trying to manage a life we were not used to.

Not only was life hard emotionally, but it was also very difficult financially. For the last 10 years, my husband and I decided it was best for our family if I stayed home with our young children versus enrolling them into a daycare system. Me staying home and focusing on our children was what was going to be best for our family long term.

Life had not been great at home for about a year. My husband and I simply were no longer on the same page about anything. It took us a few months to realize just how out of hand it was. When we finally realized that we had a big problem there was basically no going back. We worked with a counselor for a few months, and while it was helping us communicate better, we were ultimately just unhappy in our marriage.

We knew that we were probably never going to be the same. We wanted our children to have parents who loved each other; we wanted our children to be able to see the love in the home. We weren’t going to be able to give our children the life we wanted them to learn as a couple. We decided that separating and being happy with someone else was going to be better for our children than us suffering through a marriage where we were not actually happy.

We Got Divorced

Divorce was our final decision. While the divorce was difficult, it has the right decision. There is no way to upturn your life and not expect there to be difficult days. There were days that I was concerned that I had made the wrong decision and also days that I was a much happier mom. It didn’t take long for the hard facts to set in after the divorce was final.

I quickly realized that my years at home taking care of my children had really set me back in the workforce. Because I had been at home with little ones, I did not have the work experience that I needed in order to obtain a good job now. There were places that would hire me, but they weren’t jobs that were going to ultimately provide for our family.

I visited with a Gig Harbor alimony attorney and knew that I was going to have taken that route. Because I had provided my husband with the opportunity to pursue his career while I stayed home it was ultimately his turn to help me get back on my feet. Alimony is basically child support, but for your spouse. He will help me stay on my feet financially while I train to obtain a job that will provide a lifestyle that I am used to for myself.

My ex-husband still cares deeply about myself and our kids. He was more than happy to lend a hand to me. Just as I mentioned above, we wanted a happy life for our children full of love. There was no better way for him to show our children love than to help me get back on my feet in my time of need. I would highly encourage newly single moms to reach out to an attorney and see how to go about having alimony paid by the other member of the marriage so they can both be equally successful during their new lives.

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