Features of the animal law

Animals play an extremely important part in the lives of human beings in the social, personal and business lives. They have played different roles like a friend, companion, protector, benefactor, comforter and many more. So, the animals should be properly cared by the human beings. Moreover, the animals like dog, cat, horse, cow and some more. It is not a matter to grow the animals in your home, but you have to give the importance to take care of those animals in the healthiest manner. For this purpose, the United Nations organizations have provided the law to protect the animals. According to that law, causing problems and pain to the animals is the punishable act and the person who has done this kind of problem may get the punishment severly. In this article, you will know about the animals welfare law and their advantages in the most effective manner.

About the animal welfare and law

Every birds and animals in the world should be protected by the human beings and so it is an offence under the preventions of the animal’s ordicance law to treat the animals cruelly and cause the unnecessary pain or suffering them. Moreover, the animal is defined under the law as any mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian, fish or any other vertebrate or invertebrate if it is wild or domestic. Furthermore, the animal welfare means the treating the animal with the condition in which it lives in a healthy, comfortable, safe and well nourished way. In addition to that, the human being should also give the independent environment to live the animal as it desires and so he must not compel to live in their wish.

Freedom given for the animals

It is important to give the freedom to the animals to let the live in their way. In that manner, there are five types of freedoms are denoted by the UNO for protecting the animal. In such a way, the freedom should be given to away from the hunger and thirst and so it should have the access to the water and healthy food. Secondly, the freedom from discomfort, pain and injury or disease is also important. In addition to that, providing the freedom to express the normal behaviours is also essential for every animal. Finally, the freedom from the fear and distress is very important and it ensures the conditions which avoid the mental sufferings.

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