When is the Right Time to Get a Divorce

If the relationship between the parties is deeply and irreparably upset, marriage may be terminated by divorce by mutual consent or by order of action. the right law company that you need for your legal disputes. Do not hesitate to contact us today and we will provide you with all the answers you need.

In divorce by mutual consent it is necessary to file a divorce application where consent and unwavering intention to end the marriage is expressed. The parties present an agreement that deals with the property consequences of divorce, and the court does not address and rule on the issue of guilt. The agreement should address the issue of parental and child domicile, the regime of personal contacts, maintenance, the use of the family home and the surname after divorce.

The agreement may be in writing or orally – made in court. It can also deal with property issues transfer ownership of property, partition, etc., in which case the court collects a separate state fee.


The practice of custody of children may be altered as circumstances change after approval of the judgment, the agreement and the decision are not subject to appeal.

If there is no consent to the termination of marriage, the only possibility is divorce in the claim order. In this case, the reasons for the termination of marriage must be proven, and the court must rule on the issue of guilt. It is important for the costs of the case, and if it is found that there is no fault of the marriage disorder, the costs are shared between the two spouses.

It is important to use the family home, and the decision is made taking into account the interests of the children, the guilt and the material and the health of the spouses.

In the course of the case, the proceedings may be transformed into one by mutual consent.

In case of problematic development of the matrimonial relations, a lawyer will provide highly qualified legal counseling and procedural representation in divorce claims by mutual consent and by fault of the partner;

Lam firms provide consultancy and expertise in property claims after the divorce court decision;

Consultation on disputes to determine a larger share of family property

Legal advice on the amount of maintenance and enforcement, as well as the parental rights;

Procedural representation in determining the regime of personal relations between parents and children;

Advice on replacing the parent’s consent with a court decision on removal of a child out of the country’s borders;

Consultations on claims for child origin dispute, paternity contestation and recognition and adoption;

Preparation, certification and registration of marriage contracts, etc.

In case you are in such or a similar situation, you must take advantage of legal help to make sure that everything is handled properly.

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