Wrongful Termination – The Important Facts That You Need To Know

Wrongful termination in the workplace is very common. For an employee who does not know their rights and the employment act, this becomes a problem. Nobody wants to be unemployed because of wrongful reasons. This is why everyone should have the knowledge about these wrongful termination reasons.

            The is a site that gives people the knowledge and assistance that they need in these cases. They want to let the people know that there are certain laws that can protect the employees against unfair discrimination, which results in termination.

The Wrongful Termination Reasons

            There are different reasons that are included in wrongful terminations. This is according to the As an employee, you need to know if the reason for your termination is rightful or not. So here are the reasons that you should know of that should call for further investigation and possible lawsuits.

  • Age Discrimination. When an employee reaches 40 years old, there are employers who fire them or give unjust treatment because of their age.
  • Breach Of Contract. This happens when an employee gets terminated and results in breaking the terms of their employment contract.
  • Constructive Discharge. This is when your employer gives you unreasonable and unrealistic tasks which makes your work environment an unhealthy place to be. This will, in turn, push you to quit.
  • When you have become disabled because of an illness or an accident and your employer fires you for this reason. And this can also be grounds for a lawsuit when the employer rejects their job applicants because of their disability.
  • Violation Of Public Policy. If the employee is terminated because how the employee reacted is not right for the employer. The employer should never demote or fire an employee for a reason that conflicts with the public policy.
  • Gender Discrimination. This is very common to employers who discriminate their employees because of their gender. This may include treating a person unfairly because they are of the opposite sex.
  • Pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, or just had a baby, or anything related to this condition and gets fired or treated wrongly by the employer, this is already considered as a wrongful reason for termination.
  • Religion, Race or National Origin. You race, color or origin should never be an issue at work. But when your employer discriminates you or being unfair to you for any reason because of this, you should act on it right away.
  • Sexual Orientation. If you think you are discriminated because of your sexual orientation, know that you can have a claim against your employer for this reason. There are states in the US that have laws protecting the LGBTQ community.
  • Whistleblower. When an employee exposes any illegal or violations committed by the company or his or her employer like fraud or corruption, there are laws that protect them against discrimination and wrongful termination.
  • Retaliation. This is when the employer has revenge in mind against his or her employee. This is usually after exposing any wrongful acts in the company, or due to personal reasons.

As an employee, you should know where you stand in case your employer fires you for the reasons listed above. All of these are unjust which violates your rights as an employee of the company. You can visit the website, for your grievance letter which will for your ex-employer, giving them your thoughts why you think they fired you for wrong reasons.

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