Facts one should know about the domestic violence

These days there are lots of events held in the awareness of domestic violence and so the social media awareness group is also increased. Many major cities are also conducting the events on this sensitive topic just to aware people. Well, with this circulating in mind that makes everyone around the world know about this issue? Do people understand about domestic violence? What if people don’t know about the domestic violence?So we would discuss some facts about domestic violence I this article. After reading this if you still have any query on this issue, do Call Celine Dostaler without any hesitation. The domestic violence is really a sensitive issue but we should get into the bright side rather than hiding this topic onthe dark side I the fear of society.


Below we would discuss some major facts of the domestic violence:

  1. Abuse has become common: For many years the abuse has become common and the wonder is no one would dare to face that situation and make them punished. In olden days the victims would be afraid of coming forward, as they would be blamed for the abuse. According to ottawa criminal lawyers, now victims are daring to come forward and taking the support of law firms and NGO’s. As per the research we have found that 1 in 5 women are facing such problem. With this you can estimate or imagine that how the domestic violence has been growing day to day.
  2. Men & Women both can be victims: Domestic violence need not only be targeted on women, the men can also be the victims. The criminal defence lawyers in ottawareported that about 40% of men are also being abused. The victims can be both men and women. Most of the research also states that women are equally violent as the men. So, with this it’s clear that violence can be on any one and the gender doesn’t matter at all.
  3. Victims face the guilt and blame: Mostly the victims are being blamed for facing abuse and violence. The ottawa criminal lawyersalso say that some cases are very weird such as the violence is made as their partner had hit them first. It’s like if you slap me, I will slap you back. The rate of violence is increased due to the stress and depression. The person who is facing a low face of life would probably turn violent for sure.
  4. Research shows that leaving isn’t that easy: many of the people might get doubt that why victims face and suffer the violence as they can leave them rather suffering. But, as per the research of criminal defence lawyers in ottawait’s known that leaving isn’t that easy as we think. Sometimes many of the victims are been killed after they leave their partners. It would be safe to consult the criminal law firm before taking any action on this case.

Often it’s heard that suffering the pain and violence is more crime rather than doing crime or abusing. So, every criminal lawyersuggestsconsulting the law firm and taking a legal advice on this case rather than suffering the violence.

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