How a Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Family

Wrongful death is the death that occurs as a result of a negligent or deliberate act by another party. A wrongful death attorney is a legal professional who practices in the area of family law with a focus on personal injury. The loved ones that the deceased leaves behind are the ones who will seek an attorney and file a claim during one of the most difficult and emotional times of their lives. The first thing the person needs to do is to set aside any feelings of guilt for pursuing compensation for their loved one’s death. G. Martin Meyers explains that when someone did something that took your loved one from your life, you have the right to take action and get justice for your loved one.

How Wrongful Deaths Occur

A wrongful death can occur due to someone’s negligence or carelessness, or from a deliberate act. A driver who swerves into the other lane while texting is guilty of wrongful death as is a person who deliberately shoots someone. The victim may die immediately following the accident or the person’s actions, or it may occur sometime later. There are many ways that these deaths can occur but some of the most common are:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Accidents

In most cases, any person who depended on the deceased for support can file a claim after their death but these laws differ somewhat by state. A wrongful death attorney in your state can tell you whether you have the legal right to file a claim.


What Does a Wrongful Death Claim Cover?

If you can meet the burden of proof that the other party’s actions or inactions resulted in your loved one’s death, you can recover compensation for their income. In a sense, they have taken the wages that you rely on to support your family away from you.

Punitive damages may also be rewarded, depending on the state where the claim is filed. Your wrongful death attorney can advise you on whether your state allows you to file punitive damages.

You may be able to recover the cost of any medical bills incurred by the deceased prior to their death and the cost of their burial. You should not have to rely on your savings or surrender your property or activities that are important to you and your children because of another party’s actions. You have the right to get justice for your loved one and provide for the family that they worked so hard for all these years.

The many ways that a wrongful death can occur can make it even more confusing to understand what is going on and what your rights are after you have lost a loved one. Don’t postpone seeing a wrongful death attorney if you think your loved one might have died because of another party’s negligence or if they were intentionally killed. Get justice for your loved one and get the compensation you need to help your family achieve the future you always wanted for them.

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