Learn Why You Might Need to Work with a Post-Divorce Modification Lawyer

It is true that you have to deal with so many challenging issues as part of a divorce, but sometimes, you need to revisit those issues because of a change in your circumstances.   You may have agreed upon certain arrangements at the time of getting divorced, but you may have to think of making some changes to those arrangements as per a change in your current circumstances.   That is when you may have to work with a post-divorce modification lawyer.

When can a Post-Divorce Modification Lawyer Help?

You can work with these lawyers to help bring your arrangements up to date.   These arrangements could be regarding issues such as child support, child custody and parenting time, and alimony.   Sometimes, you have to relocate with your child in search of a better future, but you cannot do it just because you want.   You have to pursue a petition to handle everything in a legal way.   Similarly, you would require a lawyer in case your ex-partner has filed a petition to relocate with your child and you want to oppose it.

Similarly, you may have agreed upon a specific amount for child support, but you may want to get some more considering that the child’s other parent has secured a much better paying job.   You can go to the court and ask for something that would reflect that increased income.   You may also need to hire a post-divorce lawyer when you think that the other parent has recently developed alcohol or drug problem and should not get unsupervised time with the child.

Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers

 Importance of Hiring a Post-Divorce Modification Lawyer

The court will look for evidence before letting you make specific changes to the arrangements you have already made with the other party.   Your lawyer can help you proceed in a professional manner and ensure that you manage to provide some evidence of a substantial change in circumstances.

Similarly, the court is going to consider a number of factors to determine the equitable division of property.   For instance, they may consider the property, income, and liabilities of both parties, as well as the age of both parties and the duration of the marriage.   They are going to consider many other factors as well, so it is not always easy to request a modification of property division.   Still, an experienced lawyer can guide you in the right way.   Moreover, a lawyer can also help you while granting or modifying alimony and child support.   Keep in mind that the court can use the right to determine how the supporting party is going to pay the alimony, so only a lawyer can help you handle the whole modification process in a better way.

The fact of the matter is that going through a divorce is always an arduous process, but sometimes, you have to revisit everything all over again to secure your child’s future, and that is when you can hire a post-divorce modification lawyer to proceed in the right way.


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