Things that you know about the cyber crime

In the present digitalized world, the internet is one of the most needed things for all the people in all over the world. It provides a lot of benefits to the people and so they are used widely.  Moreover, the internet has provided the significant revolution in all the departments like business, entertainment, social networking and so on.  For this reason, we use the computer and the internet in our day to daily life. However, the advantages and disadvantages of any invention are mainly depended upon how we are using them. In that manner, the computer and the internet have also some disadvantages when it is illegally used by the people. In that way, the security is one of the main threats in the internet and so the cyber law is brought to provide the security for the data which is stored by the user. In this article, you will see about the cyber law and its features in the most effective manner.

About the computer crime

Actually, computer crime is also called as the e-crime and it is a kind of the crime where a computer is the aim of the crime which is made by the people. In that manner, the data which are saved on the computer can be modified or deleted and it is known as a modern thefts. There are different types of crimes on computer can be made and they are hacking, phishing, computer viruses, identity theft, cyber stalking and so on. Furthermore, some other cyber crimes are also happened and they are spoofing, cyber defamation, spamming and many more. All of these threats can make the damage to the personal data and the computer very badly and so INO has brought a law and rules for the usages of the internet and the computer and it is known as the cyber law.

Features of the cyber law

The cyber law provides the safe environment to the internet usage and so they offer many features to the people. In that manner, you should not access the websites which are not approved by the authority in your area. Moreover, you should not post anything like words or images which may cause serious problems to other internet users. Furthermore, the duplicate of content or the software from the CD or DVD which are copyrighted and distribution of these on the internet is also punishable.

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