Can you Avoid Care Home Fees? Explore Your Options

avoid care home fees

Many families struggle with the financial implications of having to send their loved older relative to a care home. Individuals may feel guilt and a lack of control over their decision, even though they know it is the right course of action. A further complication is that of care home fees. Below we explain the facts about cate home fees and options which may make it possible to avoid paying those expensive fees.

Care home fees – the facts

Cate home fees must be paid if your personal assets, that also include the value of your property, are over £23,500. After this point your local authority will make a decision on the amount that you will have to pay. It may be the full amount, or it may be subsidised. This depends upon your personal circumstances and the level of care that is required.

How to avoid care home fees

So, what happens if you are over the threshold to receive funded care? There are several things that you can do to reduce the amount that you have to pay. We will look at what you can do if you have plenty of time to plan ahead, or if a move to a care home is home fees

Before you enter the care home process One option is to leave your assess to someone else, as an inheritance, and to keep a small personal income for yourself. When planning ahead it is also a good idea to purchase a long term annuity for your care needs. What this does is that it allows you to make regular payments that will meet the entire cost of care when it is needed. This just needs to be set in motion many years beforehand. If you wish to use your home to fund your care, then this is another option that will allow you to release equity, or even downsize so as to rehearse much needed equity, without depleting all of your life’s savings.

Imminent transfer to care home When you do not have the luxury of time, then the availability of funds may be somewhat difficult to find. However, there are still a few options that can help you reduce those expensive care home fees. Releasing equity is one option as is a deferred repayment scheme. Another option is to divide your money between family members, so that you are means tested on what you have. This is a good option if you are planning to release money upon your death.


In an ideal world you need plenty of time to plan for expensive care home costs. Some ways in which to lessen those expensive care home fees include annuity of care home fees, but as already explained, this needs careful consideration and should be done many years before a care home is needed. Renting out property, releasing the equity of your property and deferred payment options are also good choices.

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