How to Obtain a License for A Taxi Driver

If you are interested in getting a license for a taxi transport of passengers,you must know some laws first and Hershberg Law toronto will share them with you. The transport of passengers by definition represents a transport which is carried in vehicles that can have up to seven seats including the seat of the driver. Auto-taxi transports are carryed out on the basis of a licenses that are issued by the mayor of the municipality or the City where you live for a certain period of time.

The auto-taxi transporters are allowed to transport passengers in the regions that are defined on the license. The driver of the taxi vehicle must keep a journal with the list of passengers who are transported from other municipalities.

The format and contents of the journal are given by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

Besides the conditions prescribed by the provisions of the Law on transport in the road Traffic, the car must fulfill the conditions written down by the council of the municipality or the Council of the City where the individual lives in. In other rules, there are laws that you must respect and follow in order to be able to become a taxi driver, otherwise it will be impossible.


If you are interested in that business, you must pay attention to:

– The location and capacity of the taxi station,

– Equipping the taxi stations,

– Color of the vehicles and

– Labelsand equipment of the vehicle

– Tariff and manner of use of the taxi stations

– Maximum number of taxi vehicles that can be owned

The company that operates with the airport is obliged to provide access to the passenger so that the taxi driver can transfer the passenger to the airport. Taxicab companies that are exerting such a shuttle to the airport, do not have a concluded contract with the company which operates with the airport, and they have an obligation to immediately leave the airport.

When performing the auto-taxi transport the vehicle must have a certificate for auto-taxi driver that is sealed and signed. When the transport is completed, the driver is obliged to give a fiscal receipt to the passenger.

Many people think that it is easy to start a company and your own business without knowing that there are many laws and obligations that must be respected. Note that it will take some time until you can operate with the company you started. It is a process that sometimes can take even a few months. The rate and many other things are mostly determined by the municipality where you live in. So, first of all you will need to get in contact with the competent authorities and ask everything about the conditions you must complete. If you fail to complete those conditions, they will not give you a license and you won’t be able to work as a taxi driver.

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