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Personal Injury Lawyer facts

Diamond and diamond lawyers are the perfect attorneys to deal with accidental claim cases. In case, you have suffered badly in an accident and are in a legal tussle with the insurance company relating to claim amount, you can ask for help from established and expert attorneys of diamond and diamond.

The lawyers sit with the customer and discuss the case in detail keeping in mind all the legalities.  They also give second opinions on cases, if a person has some or the other confusion relating to a case. They also give recommendations to other lawyers in case if the case of the customer needs a different approach.

Accidental claims case

If you are injured in a road crash due to some counterfeit accessories of your car, you may sit with the diamond lawyers and explain them your ordeal in detail. In such cases, the lawyers give the first advice to the customers. The attorney proceeds with the case only when the client is satisfied in one first meeting. They would help you in getting your insurance dues from the company so that you can pay for repairs as well as medical expenses.

The lawyers also make it a point to take half fee of the cases and the rest half after winning the case. Unlike other law companies, which take entire fee before the wind up of case, diamond and diamond attorneys have a different approach to case. Realizing the helplessness of the client, they also offer necessary rebates in their fee so that no client leaves the office premises disappointed.  Moreover, the personal injury lawyers of the company are well trained and equipped with analytical and solving skills and they are much capable of solving the case within the least possible time.


Assisting accidental victims get maximum compensation

The personal injury lawyer’s work round the clock and 7 days a week to ensure maximum help to clients. Having handled some sensitive and renowned cases like York University Campus shootings case or the legal claim action against the company UberX, the lawyers are well versed with all accidental claim cases. All through the years, these lawyers have handled number of cases like car accident, motor cycle accident, Bus accident, ATV accident, bicycle accident and the pedestrian accident cases involving hit and run.

Each case is dealt differently and efforts are always to ensure that a client receives maximum compensation from companies. The best of the company is that they work on contingency. Unless you do not win the case, you don’t have to make full payment. This restores the faith of the customer and gives them an assurance. Throughout Toronto, Ontario, diamond and diamond lawyers are all famous because of these exceptional features.

Briefing these features in brief below:

  • 24 hour 7 days a week service availability
  • Lawyers discussing the case in detail
  • No full fee payment unless the client wins the case
  • Fighting for the claim of compensation from companies
  • Personal injury lawyers also giving second opinion in accidental cases.


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